Mobile Video Player

Heights Media – Video Ad Server

Heights Media built a video player designed specifically for short-form video. Our video player was optimized to run auto-play video on mobile phones and was one of the first video players on the market to support auto-play video on the iPhone. Our video player pre-cached videos so video could auto-play seamlessly, even in low bandwidth environments.

Demo of Ad Player (Pizza Hut Video):

Benefits Include:

  1. Full IAB compliance and full VAST analytics and impression tracking capabilities
  2. VAST to JS conversion is simple and it fully compliant for all ad servers and programmatic channels
  3. Increase video revenue by expanding available supply
  4. More targeted video campaigns with the ability to use any preexisting targeting that is available programmatically such as contextual, retargeting, 3rd party audience targeting, etc.
  5. Increase mobile video budgets as we do not require SDKs installed in Applications. The player can be run as a mobile interstitial on MRAID compatible inventory.
  6. Flat rate CPM model for easy accounting and partners keep all the upside margin.