Video Player / Video Supply / Video Demand

Heights Media – & Video Demand Stack

Meet Heights Media has built the first video player optimized for pre-roll advertising and short-form content. SpotPlayer works seamlessly across both desktop and mobile inventory (Android & iOS). Lightening fast (sub 300ms) SpotPlayer helps Publishers create “in-view” video inventory with full support for VAST and VPAID templates. Integration is lightweight and will not affect page load speed.

It gets better: SpotPlayer features it’s own fully integrated demand stack (…and we have a lot of demand!).

Overnight Publishers and networks can see a major boost in revenue. Demo

Technical Information:

  1. Full support for VAST & VPAID
  2. Simple tag-based implementation
  3. Incredibly Fast: VAST loads in <400 milliseconds, VPAID 2-3 seconds
  4. Riskless: Ability to backfill video with a 300×250 display tag
  5. Full demand stack with top monetization partners built-in
  6. Reporting: Delivered daily
  7. Pricing: Simple revenue share model



  1. Use vPlayer to expand the amount of available video inventory (in-view inventory)
  2. Increase mobile demand without tricky SDK integrations
  3. Increase desktop video demand with our pre-optimized demand stack
  4. Strong CPMs and high fill rates (contact us for updated market insights)