The Year of Mobile

Amazing statistic: mobile is the only media time that is growing

Taken from BI Intelligence presentation “The Future of Digital – 2013


mobile eating the world



RTB Spend and Black Friday

This summer after seeing overall ad spend dip dramatically – we told people not to freak out – it’s cyclical.

Now that we’re in Q4 we’re hearing that folks are seeing VERY strong demand.

Well, get ready, because if history is an indication we haven’t seen anything yet:


Black Friday and RTB Spend Bids



The Future of Advertising Is In-Feed

Howard Lindzon on the future of advertising:



Hint – it’s native, and it’s in-feed (aka, in-stream).

Double Hint – we’re posting this because we 100% agree. Look for more on our new product launch:

Heights Media LLC @ AppNexus Summit (NYC) 2013


Heights Media had a great time at the AppNexus Summit in New York City this week.

A big thank you to all the great sponsors and Appnexus for hosting us for numerous events!

We also wanted to highlight some great statistics shared by Jerry Neumann on venture investing in the ad tech space.

You can watch Jerry’s talk starting at 1:48

Watch live streaming video from appnexus at

More Supply Wanted!

Heights Media LLC is currently looking to buy more display advertising supply from specific domains:

Above we have linked to two Excel documents containing the domains lists of what we’re looking for.

We’re also working on a solution so other interested parties can also post domain lists.

Working together we can all have a blowout fourth quarter!

- The Heights Media team




Heights Media LLC Quoted in AdWeek

Mike Shields at AdWeek recently published a great overview on programatic advertising and quoted Heights Media LLC (Seni Thomas):

…Seni Thomas, CEO and co-founder of the exchange-buying specialty firm Heights Media, says programmatic means getting rid of all digital paperwork. “Instead of trafficking and marrying spreadsheets, it’s about clicking buttons and doing buys,” he says.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.45.29 PM

Heights Media at TEDx Wall Street

Heights Media enjoyed the talks at TEDx Wall Street this week courtesy of our friends at Experience-Interaction.

Drinks on the Exchange floor afterwards was a blast!

Tedx Wall Street_1 Tedx Wall Street_3 Tedx Wall Street_2




Number 9 and Climbing!

Heights Media Number Nine Ad Supply Source


Heights Media a Top Ten Advertising Supply Source


Heights Media LLC Top 10 Supply Source


Heights Media LLC is back in the top 10 global supply sources!

We’re also one of the five largest Platform Sellers on AppNexus.

On RTB Growth


“Concerns about uptime are likely to track with growth in RTB spending. US marketers are on track to invest $3.3 billion in RTB ads this year — 19% of all digital ad spend. That share will grow to 29%, or $8.69 billion, by 2017. Platform players better be ready.”

- Adexchanger 2013